DUI And Traffic Offenses

Minimizing The Consequences Of DUI And Traffic Arrests

The Oklahoma penalties for drinking and driving require serious attention as these include more than fines and jail time. Charges for DUI include driver’s license revocation and restriction of driving privileges. Depending on the facts, prosecutors may try your DUI case as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

At Seth Adams, Attorney at Law, we will fight to reduce all penalties as much as possible. This includes doing all we can to allow for you to keep your driver’s license and prevent convictions from being entered into your record.

The Consequences Of A DUI Arrest

Mistakes made by a defendant during a DUI arrest matter, and can quickly turn a DUI arrest into a conviction. Even a first-time DUI often results in jail time and extensive fines. The types of criminal penalties handed out increase with subsequent convictions. Exorbitant penalties are possible when personal injuries are involved.

Seth Adams has devoted much of his professional career as a lawyer defending individuals charged with DUI. Having tried so many DUI defense cases, he understands the tactics county prosecutors will take when prosecuting these matters.

Seth Adams comes to trial fully prepared with a defense and your best interests in mind. Seth Adams will challenge the validity of Breathalyzer or blood tests, field sobriety tests and the manner in which law enforcement officers conducted the arrest. He will check to see if you gave proper consent when officers or other individuals conducted these tests. When it’s beneficial, he will have expert witnesses testify on your behalf.

Traffic Offense Assistance

Seth Adams regularly defends individuals charged with DUI and other traffic offenses in Custer, Washita, Kiowa, Dewey, Beckham and Blaine county courts. He understands the court rules and the best way to try cases in these jurisdictions. Seth understands the approach prosecutors will take and knows how to negotiate with them for the very best deal.

Seth makes certain there was probable cause for traffic stops. He fights to make certain you retain your driving privileges during license suspension hearings. Seth negotiates whenever possible for a better deal so traffic charges do not remain on your permanent record.

Contacting An Experienced Clinton DUI Attorney

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