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Family Law Representation Concerning Your Children

Courts base child custody and child support decisions upon what is in the best interests of the children. Unfortunately, these matters often become contentious due to differences of opinion regarding what the child needs. Child custody and child support matters, therefore, require well-thought-out legal strategies. Otherwise, your former spouse may end up dictating the outcome.

Seth Adams is an experienced family law lawyer who understands the handling of matters pertaining to children. He makes certain there is protection of your parental rights. His representation assures you have a proper say in the raising of your children.

Child Custody Considerations

There are three types of child custody: (1) sole custody, where one parent is primarily responsible for decision-making concerning the child; (2) joint legal custody, where both parents have decision-making responsibility toward the care of the child, even though the child resides primarily with just one parent; and (3) joint physical custody, where the child resides with both parents for meaningful periods of time.

Seth Adams makes certain you as a parent have input in raising your child and where the child should reside. His efforts ensure fair treatment for you in child custody hearings by allowing you to be a part of your child’s life.

Factors In Child Support Proceedings

It’s important both parents contribute to the child’s upbringing. Courts, therefore, consider the income of both parents, the physical, educational and emotional needs of the child and the living arrangements when deciding the amount of child support owed.

Seth Adams learns about your personal circumstances and makes certain your best interests receive consideration. Even if it’s necessary to have family law orders modified, he will continue to fight for the correct resolution for you.

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