Family Law And Divorce

Family Law Attorney Who Speaks Your Language

Family law issues are always extremely personal. Because of the sensitivity of such matters, lawyer Seth Adams advises you as if you were a member of his own family. He tells you what you need to hear.

Besides providing effective legal representation, Seth provides an honest assessment of your situation. He lets you know your chances of success and provides every assurance your situation will receive prompt and professional attention.

Many clients come to our office because other clients referred them to Seth. They recommend Seth because he’s a knowledgeable attorney and amiable person.

Sensitive Handling Of Your Divorce

Divorces are never easy. Besides being extremely personal matters involving the people you care for the most, there’s a confusing and complex legal process in place. Seth Adams is unafraid of handling the difficult issues. This includes protecting parental rights and the rights of the children.

Seth also handles a number of uncontested divorce matters. These include preparing stipulations and paperwork for spouses who agree upon the major divorce issues so that court appearances are kept to a minimum.

Modification Of Divorce Orders

Divorce orders are not always final. Sometimes circumstances arise making changes to the original divorce orders necessary. Like he does when handling your divorce, Seth Adams makes certain any modifications of divorce orders fit your particular needs.

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